Freshwater Generator Training

Aqua Blue Mini

13 views 2020-05-22

If your vessel has smaller freshwater needs you probably bunker your water or rely on reverse...


PureBallast Compliance Service Package

77 views 2020-05-19

Installing a ballast water treatment system is only the first step of being compliant. Avoiding...


Optimize your boiler operation based on live data and...

295 views 2020-05-07

Delivery, remote service and connected boilers securing fast and easy optimization of boiler...


Time is short to IMO revised G8 implementation

516 views 2020-04-24

In today’s exceptional situation, it’s easy to overlook what hasn’t changed. IMO revised G8...


Aalborg Micro presentation

377 views 2020-04-23

Presentation of our latest waste heat recovery solution for marine - the Aalborg Micro.


Alfa Laval Aalborg Micro Marine

74 views 2020-04-22

Waste heat recovery system for auxiliary engines, the cost-efficient way to meet your need for...


Alfa Laval Micro – A highly efficient low footprint heat...

110 views 2020-04-21

The Alfa Laval Micro is a compact exhaust gas heat exchanger/steam generator, designed for waste...


Marine Essentials Catalog

531 views 2020-04-20

Demonstration of our new Marine Essentials catalog 2020


Stay safe and stay compliant

378 views 2020-04-15

As a ship operator, you rely on your compliance systems to be in continued operation. Anders...

Marine Service

Marine service in challenging times

400 views 2020-03-31

How do you bring service to vessels when access is limited? Ask Magnus Nordin, our International...


Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test and Training Centre

1,958 views 2020-03-26

Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test Training Centre, located in Aalborg, Denmark. Nearly 2800 m2 in...


Alfa Laval Aalborg XWi with natural circulation

49 views 2020-03-11

An exhaust gas boiler Alfa Laval Aalborg XWi with an integrated natural circulation system uses...

PureBallast Service and Training

Export log files

89 views 2020-01-23

How to export log files from the control system that lists the alarms and events

PureBallast Service and Training

Drain and fill UV reactor (Std, Ex)

62 views 2020-01-23

How to drain the UV reactor in order to perform service on it, and how to fill it up again

PureBallast Service and Training

Replace UV lamp (Ex)

86 views 2020-01-23

How to replace the UV lamps in the UV reactor