The Alfa Laval E-PowerPack launch webinar - Teaser

22,476 views 2022-05-24

The E-PowerPack launched on the 5th of April with a special webinar broadcasted from the Alfa...


Product Launch E-PowerPack

664 views 2022-04-05

Product launch of the Alfa Laval E-PowerPack with Danny Ingemann, Jean-Charles Lecuyer and...


Alfa Laval Marine Innovation summit 2022

397 views 2022-04-01

Alfa Laval Marine Innovation Summit recording in Lund from 29th of March 2022.


Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre

75,510 views 2021-05-11

The Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre is a springboard into the future. As the marine industry...


LNG as fuel

26,055 views 2020-09-29

A growing number of shipowners are powering their vessels with LNG. Whether you’ve already made...


Marine Essentials Catalog

969 views 2020-04-20

Demonstration of our new Marine Essentials catalog 2020


Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test and Training Centre

41,895 views 2020-03-26

Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test Training Centre, located in Aalborg, Denmark. Nearly 2800 m2 in...