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PureVent for land based industries

7 views 2021-02-26

PureVent for land based industries.


PureVent for Sea based industries

7 views 2021-02-26

PureVent for Sea based industries


Boiler solutions for LNG as fuel

23,289 views 2020-10-30

Alfa Laval Aalborg boiler technology is enabling more vessels to deal with boil-off gas (BOG) and...


LNG as fuel

11,536 views 2020-09-29

A growing number of shipowners are powering their vessels with LNG. Whether you’ve already made...

Fuel Line

Looking ahead to ammonia

314 views 2020-08-26

Alfa Laval is hard at work on the task of decarbonizing the marine industry and meeting...


Alfa Laval PureBallast Deckhouse

1,978 views 2020-07-09

Most product tankers today use submersible cargo pumps. That creates more space for money-making...


Total solutions in ballast water treatment

238 views 2020-06-30

Ballast water treatment is here to stay. By 2023, all ships will need a ballast water system...


Optimize your boiler operation based on live...

391 views 2020-05-07

Delivery, remote service and connected boilers securing fast and easy optimization of boiler...


Time is short to IMO revised G8 implementation

735 views 2020-04-24

In today’s exceptional situation, it’s easy to overlook what hasn’t changed. IMO revised G8...


Marine Essentials Catalog

706 views 2020-04-20

Demonstration of our new Marine Essentials catalog 2020


Alfa Laval PureBallast Webinar

447 views 2019-08-26

Take the chance to revisit our global webinar from June 2018, which offers valuable guidance for...


Installation of an Alfa Laval PureSOx system on...

7,680 views 2019-08-14

An Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber is being prepared for retrofit on the tanker Valentine....