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Alfa Laval Aalborg boiler repair

159 views 2021-06-03

Restore and extend boiler performance.


Boilers for LNG as fuel

65,316 views 2021-02-16

More vessels today are using LNG as fuel, and Alfa Laval Aalborg boiler technology is securing...


Boiler solutions for LNG as fuel

23,584 views 2020-10-30

Alfa Laval Aalborg boiler technology is enabling more vessels to deal with boil-off gas (BOG) and...


Optimize your boiler operation based on live...

435 views 2020-05-07

Delivery, remote service and connected boilers securing fast and easy optimization of boiler...


Aalborg Micro presentation

1,391 views 2020-04-23

Presentation of our latest waste heat recovery solution for marine - the Aalborg Micro.


Alfa Laval Aalborg Micro Marine

1,199 views 2020-04-22

Waste heat recovery system for auxiliary engines, the cost-efficient way to meet your need for...


Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test and Training Centre

41,449 views 2020-03-26

Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test Training Centre, located in Aalborg, Denmark. Nearly 2800 m2 in...


Aalborg steam balance 2020

295 views 2020-01-07

Without subtitles


Don't let 2020 Global Sulphur Cap put your...

23,248 views 2019-09-16

The 2020 sulphur cap will have a major impact on the marine industry. Changing to compliant fuels...