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Here for 100 years and beyond

9,721 views 2023-02-02

Marine | Alfa Laval When our customers choose Alfa Laval, they choose a long-term partner to...


Alfa Laval Aalborg boiler repair

547 views 2021-06-03

Restore and extend boiler performance.

Marine Service

Installation of tanks at the Alfa Laval Test &...

290 views 2020-08-31

Installation of tanks at the Alfa Laval Test Training Centre


Expert insights from Kate Schrøder Jensen,...

753,430 views 2019-09-05

We’d like you to meet Kate. As Alfa Laval’s specialist in marine emissions regulations and...


Preparing boilers for the 2020 sulphur cap

1,693 views 2019-08-05

The 2020 sulphur cap will affect not just your engine’s fuel line, but your boiler’s fuel line as...