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【Decarb Live】船舶碳捕捉方案技术和商业探索

85 views 2023-06-04



【Decarb Live】清洁能源换热器解决方案 PCHE

128 views 2023-06-04



Air lubrication technology for sustainable...

175 views 2021-11-18

The idea of using bubbles to reduce a vessel’s friction – which is the largest driver of fuel...


Here for 100 years and beyond

9,722 views 2023-02-02

Marine | Alfa Laval When our customers choose Alfa Laval, they choose a long-term partner to...


Alfa Laval PureBallast Deckhouse

181,582 views 2020-07-09

Most product tankers today use submersible cargo pumps. That creates more space for money-making...


Time is short to IMO revised G8 implementation

953 views 2020-04-24

In today’s exceptional situation, it’s easy to overlook what hasn’t changed. IMO revised G8...


Marine Essentials Catalog

1,218 views 2020-04-20

Demonstration of our new Marine Essentials catalog 2020


Stay safe and stay compliant

847 views 2020-04-15

As a ship operator, you rely on your compliance systems to be in continued operation. Anders...


Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test and Training Centre

42,091 views 2020-03-26

Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test Training Centre, located in Aalborg, Denmark. Nearly 2800 m2 in...


Alfa Laval PureNOx: EGR water treatment with a...

2,432 views 2019-10-16

EGR has always been simple, compact and cost-effective but with the latest PureNOx developments,...

Fuel and Lube Oil Cleaning

Alfa Laval fuel cleaning - defeating cat fines JA

561 views 2019-09-05

Fuels cost is the single biggest operating cost of a ship. Marine fuels quality can vary within...