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Time is short to IMO revised G8 implementation

520 views 2020-04-24

In today’s exceptional situation, it’s easy to overlook what hasn’t changed. IMO revised G8...


Aalborg Micro presentation

429 views 2020-04-23

Presentation of our latest waste heat recovery solution for marine - the Aalborg Micro.


Alfa Laval Aalborg Micro Marine

140 views 2020-04-22

Waste heat recovery system for auxiliary engines, the cost-efficient way to meet your need for...


Alfa Laval Micro – A highly efficient low...

206 views 2020-04-21

The Alfa Laval Micro is a compact exhaust gas heat exchanger/steam generator, designed for waste...


Marine Essentials Catalog

531 views 2020-04-20

Demonstration of our new Marine Essentials catalog 2020


Stay safe and stay compliant

378 views 2020-04-15

As a ship operator, you rely on your compliance systems to be in continued operation. Anders...

Marine Service

Marine service in challenging times

528 views 2020-03-31

How do you bring service to vessels when access is limited? Ask Magnus Nordin, our International...


Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test and Training Centre

2,083 views 2020-03-26

Welcome to the Alfa Laval Test Training Centre, located in Aalborg, Denmark. Nearly 2800 m2 in...


A step ahead for Safe Bulkers with Alfa Laval...

747 views 2019-12-10

Safe Bulkers has chosen Alfa Laval PureSOx for 27 vessels, to ensure compliance with the global...

Fuel Line

Alfa Laval Meet the Experts: Jille Kloosterman

205 views 2019-10-21

Your engine needs protection and with the 2020 Global Sulphur Cap regualtions coming into play,...


Alfa Laval PureNOx: EGR water treatment with a...

780 views 2019-10-16

EGR has always been simple, compact and cost-effective but with the latest PureNOx developments,...



69 views 2019-07-01

来听听挪威邮轮公司对阿法拉伐PureBallast 3压载水处理系统的评价吧。